ACT Masters


Softball ACT is very excited to promote a new tournament on our calendar NEXT year!


After years of demand, Softball ACT is launching the ACT Masters – our entrance into the format that promotes friendship, participation, fierce competition… and a social atmosphere!

What is the ACT Masters?

The ACT Masters is an age-limited competition – all competitors must be 35 or over to take the diamond!

We’re offering Men’s and Women’s Masters events this year! 


Tournament Information:

  • Date –
    • 4-5 May 2019
  • Location –
    • Hawker International Softball Centre, Hawker, ACT,
  • Cost –
    • $350 per team (teams must also supply an umpire*)
  • Entries Close – 
    • TBA


*If finding an umpire is proving too difficult, please contact SUAACT ( to see if a local umpire can be arranged




If you’re travelling into Canberra for the competition, we can help you out!

Softball ACT is very fortunate to have some amazing accommodation partners on board with us!

Get in touch with YMCA Canberra ( primarily team accommodation, but also have small group rooms!), or The Dickson Tradies if you’re staying independently!

Mention Softball ACT to ensure that you’re provided with the very best rate!