ACT Social 7s




Want to participate in the upcoming social season at Softball ACT?

Register for the 2018 Summer Competition: 2018 SUMMER SOCIAL SOFTBALL – ACT


This is a mixed gender modifed version of fastpitch softball, a great way to get active even for those who have not played the sport before.Teams or individuals are welcome to register their expression of interest, with individuals being placed in a team in coordination with the competition coordinator prior to season / games. Equipment will be supplied to teams that require gloves, bats, etc. as well as clinics training prior to the game for any interested parties.

For Rules and information on Social 7’s go to the Softball Australia Social 7s website:




What is Social 7s? Competition Details
  • 7 a-side social mixed softball
  • Every Player bats each inning
  • Easy to learn rules
  • 4 innings game played in under an hour
  • A new pitcher each inning
  • High scoring: Every base gained is a point/run
  • Ball is pitched slower, means more hits
  • Mixed teams, max of 3 males on the diamond
  • Age 12+
  • Hawker International Softball Centre – Walhallow St, HAWKER
  • Wednesday Evenings: from 6:00pm
  • 8 weeks of competition + finals
  • Start 21st February – End 18th April
  • Weekly Prizes
  • Free end of season BBQ
  • Team fee $800.00 (incl. GST)


For more information:

P: 02 6278 3000