Saturday Fastpitch League (SFPL) (Womens Competition)

Saturday Fastpitch League brings the competition to the diamonds on a Saturday afternoon between the months of October and April.  Open to Women to play Fastpitch Softball which is considered the most competitive form of softball.

Fastpitch Softball League (FPSL) (Mens Competition)

Fastpitch Softball League is a competition for men played Monday and Tuesday evenings at Hawker.  There is also a junior boys program on a Friday night with the purpose of developing these players to sustain our league for the future.

Socials 7s

Social 7s is Softball Australia’s new slowpitch version of softball that is fast, fun and easy to play, with 7 players on each team.

  • Teams only require seven players
  • Every player bats each inning
  • Ball is pitched slower, leading to more hits and fielding
  • High scoring – every base gained is a run
  • A new pitcher each inning
  • A Strike Zone Mat is used – if the pitch lands on the mat, it is a strike
  • No umpire required – a Game Coordinator is responsible for scoring and adjudicating on close plays


Northside Juniors Softball Saturday Morning Competition

The North Side Junior Softball Saturday Morning Competition is open to boys and girls from preschool age to year 8. The Competition caters for Teeball and Softball teams as well as sessions for Diamond Ball players (ages 3 to 6 years). Games played at Hawker International Softball Centre.

Woden Valley Softball Association (WVSA) Saturday Morning Competition

The Woden Valley Softball Association is open to boys and girls from preschool age to high school.  The competition caters for Diamond Ball, Tee Ball and Softball teams from South side Clubs or Schools.