New Director – Rob Medlicott

New Director – Rob Medlicott

 Softball ACT is excited to announce a new director has been added to our team!

Rob Medlicott has been appointed by the Board to one of our vacant ‘board appointed’ roles, and comes with a wealth of experience within the sports management field.

Rob’s background is primarily in the High Performance space, particularly in the field of athletics, where he is a decorated coach with extensive programming experience.
He’s been engaged primarily to fill an identified skills-gap on our board with regard to high performance, however with his current role as the Deputy Director of the AIS Operations, he will no doubt provide a raft of knowledge ‘within the room’ as well.

His appointment continues the commitment from our Board to attract and retain professional directors to help drive our organisation forward.

The addition of Sam Irvine last year has added a new level of professionalism to our approach to commercial activity, and we’re similarly hoping that Rob can add expertise with our state teams and development programs.

Rob is (by his own reckoning) an ‘adequate’ Social 7’s softballer… but he’s looking to give back to our sport, and we’re very pleased to have him on board.


Rob joins a board which is now led by Frank Curcio after directors elected Frank as President at a recent board meeting. 

Other directors elected at the recent AGM were Nigel Woodward (newly elected) and Jo Cantle (returning for another term), who join Frank, Nathan Bale, Shaun Carroll, Amal Davis, Jeanne Ruiz, and Sam Irvine (appointed) as the Board of Softball ACT.