ACT Diamonds Announcement

ACT Diamonds Announcement

It is with much regret that Softball ACT advises that the State is unable to send a team to the Gilley’s Shield (Open Women’s Championships) in January 2020 in Perth. 

A combination of a lack of player depth in our State, combined with several key individuals having left the ACT (whether temporary, or permanently) has meant that we do not have a solid foundation of local players to build our team upon.

Softball ACT has offered all registered Open players the opportunity to be supported to enter the player draft by contacting our CEO, Ben Kirk. 

Moving forward, Softball ACT is committed to addressing the decline that we have been facing for 20 years as a sport.

Over the last two years, we have looked at making improvements to the way in which our sport operates, and positive changes have been made with the centralisation of competition management, the inclusion of more tournaments into our schedule, and the recently-launched Canberra Pride travel program. 

We will shortly announce a series of forums where members of the community will be invited to provide input and feedback to some proposed models of restructure; the first of these will concentrate on our Men’s program, and is being held in conjunction with the Fastpitch Softball League (FPSL).

This will be held on November 6 at the Hawker International Softball Centre clubhouse from 6pm.