Adult Leagues – Information

Softball in Canberra!

We have both Men’s and Women’s Softball in the ACT – in a variety of grades and options that will suit any player!

ACT Women’s Softball League

The ACT Women’s Softball League (WSL) is played on Saturday afternoons at Hawker International Softball Centre and on the surrounding grounds.

It offers grades from Premier to E grades, providing options for play both a participation and high performance level, which is a significant step up in development and action from the junior competitions. 

If you are interested in playing competition softball (whether your fifteen or fifty!), please get in touch with one of our Clubs by CLICKING HERE

Fast Pitch Softball League (FPSL) – Men’s Softball

As well as offering Women’s softball, Softball ACT also supports the FPSL to run the Men’s competition in the ACT.

If you’re looking to a game with a Men’s side, please contact one of the Clubs by CLICKING HERE.