2018 AGM Report

2018 AGM Report

Softball ACT has successfully completed our 2018 AGM!

The organisation welcomed Mr David Pryles (Softball Australia CEO) as our guest and had over 20 members arrive, easily giving us our quorum. 

The main outcomes from this year: 

  • SACT reported an operating profit of $70,000+ for the second year in a row;
  • We released our 3-year strategic plan titled “ACT:TOGETHER”
  • We bade farewell to Jo Bauer as a Director, and thanked her for her efforts;
  • We welcomed Frank Curcio and Nigel Woodward as new Directors, and welcomed back Jo Cantle for another term;
  • We made seven (7) changes to our constitution via special resolution, which entailed:
    • Various ‘cleanups’ of redundant clauses – our updated Constitution will be published early next week;
    • A change in the required quorum for future years from 20 to 10 members; and
    • A change in governance structure in how board roles are determined – previously the members voted in a President and Treasurer, however now the members will vote in Directors, and the Directors will then choose from amongst them who will take on these two roles. This is in line with best practice modelling from the Australian Sports Commissions’ Governance Principles. 

As a result of the changes in how the President and Treasurer are elected, Nathan Bale chose not to nominate for President, with Frank Curcio agreeing to take on the role at the request of the Board. Jo Cantle will reprise her role as Treasurer.


Minutes from the AGM are available here.

The 2018 Annual Report is available here.

The 2018-2020 Strategic Plan for Softball in the ACT is available here.

The fees that Softball ACT will charge clubs for our domestic competitions were released and are available here

Please note that Clubs will add their own fees on top of this for various awards, uniforms, trips, etc.