Softball ACT will be focusing on local development in 2017 holding face-to-face accrediations during the off season, to create an updated and upskilled worforce within the ACT softball community. 

Upcoming Courses:


Course Date Time Location
SCCP + Level 1 Coach Tuesday 2nd May + Wednesday 3rd May (both nights) 6:00pm – 8:30pm (both nights) Hawker International Softball Centre
Level 2 Coach Sunday 7th May 9:00am – 5:00pm Hawker International Softball Centre

Coach Accreditation Program

Accreditation Mode of Delivery Required prior to course
Softball Community Coaching Program (SCCP) Face-to-face Current Working With Children Check (WWCC) + AIS Coaching General Principles
Level 1 Coach (delivered in conjunction with SCCP) Face-to-face As above
Level 2 Coach Face-to-face Current WWCC + Current Level 1 Softball Coaching Accrediation
Level 3 Coach Online Current WWCC + Current Level 2 Softball Coaching Accrediation – Course online
Level 4 Coach Face-to-face Current WWCC + Current Level 3 Softball Coaching Accrediation


If your accreditation is still current or expired, you can renew your qualifications by completing the reaccrediation processes. To request this form email

Softball ACT will email you all documentation required and confirm your current accreidation level & status. After the documentation has been submitted to Softball ACT, we will assess your application and will communicate further action required.

Coaching Practices

As a coach you need to familiarise yourself with the rules of softball as there are many versions of the game and different levels of competition to cater for different age groups and abilities. While each of these versions share common terminology, they often have variations on the standard rules of softball.

The Official Playing Rules & Rules Case Book of Softball Australia (adapted for local conditions from the ISF Official Rules of Softball) is used for all Australian Championships, national and international events conducted or hosted by Softball Australia. You can order a copy of the Rule Book by sending an email to: In the case of Australian Championships, these rules are supplemented by the Australian Championship Regulations. For all local competition, please refer to your league wesbite or contact the league delegate.

Softball Australia has developed many policies for the improvement of the sport, and the policy most relevant to coaches is the Member Protection Policy. In particular, coaches should refer to the Coaches Code of Conduct within this policy as it outlines your duty of care and roles and responsibilities.