Coaching Resources

A great resource for softball coaches of all levels is Softball Batter Up

What is Softball Batter Up?

“A program that makes playing, teaching and coaching softball easy.”

Softball Australia’s national participation program, Softball Batter Up, is designed to be fun, flexible and engaging for children from kindergarten age to Year 6, focusing on fun activities while learning basic throwing, catching and striking skills. You don’t need to be an experienced softballer or coach to deliver a successful program, which can be adapted for all ages and abilities using the Game Sense and CHANGE IT approach.

First thing to do is register! One you register you have access to over 60 different softball activities, as well as an electronic session planner that allows you to create your own sessions and save for later or even some pre-planned sessions to grab if you’re short of time!


Follow the links below to access some great coaching resources:

How to Plan a Session

Session Planner

Pre-Planned Sessions

Fundamental Skills


Managing Groups and Behaviour Management

Safety Tips