COVID-19 – Season Impact

COVID-19 – Season Impact

Softball ACT has made the difficult decision to cease all sport operations usage of the Hawker International Softball Centre for at least four (4) weeks due to the COVID-19 situation.

This means that all competitions, training, forums, and events will not be permitted at Hawker.  

This situation is unprecedented, and Softball ACT is making a conscious choice to be proactive and agile in our approach, rather than reactive.

It follows evolving federal and state government advice, including information from ACT Health and the ACT Education Department, and advice from the World Health Organisation about the communicability of the virus and how it can be spread.

It is not a decision that has been made lightly, particularly in the shadow of the financial losses that have impacted our sport over December and January, and the impact on our members with the already-shortened season, but the potential long-term cost to our community and members far outweighs the benefits of playing a couple of games. 

Practically, this will mean the following situations will play out:

  • The School Sport ACT High School Boys Gala Day scheduled for Friday 20 March 2020 is cancelled;
  • The ACT Junior League will be cancelled, along with Presentation Day, with final results awarded based on ladder positions;
  • The ACT Women’s League will be cancelled, along with Presentation Day, with final results awarded based on ladder positions;
  • Social 7’s competition will be cancelled, with part-refunds offered to teams;
  • Under 23 ACT State Team training will not proceed over this period;
  • All other State Teams will not commence training over this period;
  • All Club, Pride and State training at Hawker Softball Centre is cancelled until further notice, and Softball ACT would stress caution and advise cancellation/postponement for Members, Clubs and groups considering their daily training environment;
  • The 2020 Member Forum is postponed indefinitely;
  • The 2019/20 State Team Dinner and Awards night is to be cancelled, with part-refunds to be provided to players and award winners to be celebrated via social media;

Please note that whilst the FPSL Men’s League will not be played at Hawker during the shutdown period, the committee of FPSL will make their own decisions regarding the conduct of their season.