Farewell Mick!

Farewell Mick!

Softball ACT is saddened to advise that Michael Sydney will be leaving our organisation at the end of May.

A big part of Michael’s life is wrapped up in a PhD study at the University of Canberra, which has meant a strain on both his professional and personal life as the parameters of this shifted in recent months in their scope.

Ultimately, this forced him to the realisation that something had to give.

Michael has been involved with Softball ACT across a few different roles, starting out as our full-time Operations Coordinator in early 2018, before moving to a part-time Competitions Coordinator role in February 2019.

Michael leaves Softball ACT having made a significant impact in areas that the majority of members may not see, around the facility, systems and processes, and helping with the formative stages of our development planning and delivery.

Mick leaves us with best wishes, and we hope we’ll see him around the diamonds in the future.