FPSL Winds Up

FPSL Winds Up

Softball ACT is pleased to advise the unification of our sport in the ACT, with the Fast Pitch Softball League (FPSL), locally known as the Men’s League, voting unanimously last night to wind up the association. 

The association was wound up through an Extraordinary General Meeting called by the Committee after several months of formal discussions about the future of the men’s game in the State.

With FPSL historically formed to provide a voice for Men’s softball in the ACT, significant changes in the operations of both FPSL and Softball ACT over the last few years meant that a single entity was now the most effectively way forward to administer the sport. 

The change means that all local leagues will now be managed directly by Softball ACT, with CEO Ben Kirk positive about the change. 

“This is not the end for Mens’ softball in the ACT – far from it. This is simply the next stage of evolution in our State, and an excellent opportunity for increasing membership and participation in our sport. We’re very excited to be able to work closely with some really passionate volunteers to further the game under a single banner.”

As part of the winding up process, Softball ACT also agreed to administer the highly-popular Skins Tournament, which will be managed by a committee drawn from the men’s softball community.

“Everyone who comes to Canberra loves the Skins concept, and we’re really excited to see what we can do to make it even more successful with some more resourcing”, said Kirk. “There’s a fantastic opportunity to enhance the excitement that’s been associated with Skins for over 30 years.”

Part of the winding up process involved a discussion on dispersing FPSL’s funds, which were in excess of $10,000 after a successful financial performance this year.  

FPSL President Rod King spoke to those present about FPSL leaving a legacy, and proposed that the remaining funds be split into four (4) areas; a rebate to FPSL’s clubs, a scholarship set up to relieve hardship, a fund to assist representative players, and an amount for costs associated with winding up the Association, with the proposal receiving unanimous approval by the members.

In closing remarks, King also thanked those that had worked so hard for FPSL, referencing that there were numerous people who had served the association in significant stints over many years, and thanked Softball ACT for their assistance in recent times to align the sport. 

Representatives from all current member clubs, including Woden Giants, Boomerangs, Queanbeyan Bears, Strikers, Angels and Storm, were present at the meeting.