History of the Pride

Softball ACT has a long-established culture of sending Canberra-based teams to interstate tournaments. These teams travelled throughout New South Wales and Victoria, as well as Queensland and South Australia, to provide players, coaches and umpires experiences that they simply could not get locally in our domestic and elite competitions.

In the early days, this role was filled under a “Canberra Teams” moniker, which involved forming teams of players and coaches based out of the office. As our sport experienced challenges including a demise in player numbers and the operational capacity of the office, this concept was in danger of falling over.

To address the deficiency, parent-driven organisations such as Canberra Eclipse (“Eclipse”) and Canberra Force (“Force”) emerged for girls and boys respectively, focused on providing an opportunity to allow junior participants to play and develop.

Over the last 18 months, Softball ACT has improved it’s operational capacity and staffing arrangements with a key goal for the organisation to ensure future generations of teeball and softball players could experience the same opportunities as their predecessors.

In 2018, key administrators from the Eclipse and Force programs began to meet with Softball ACT to discuss a sustainable way forward for the sport.

The outcome of those discussions is what you see today – a community-driven, transparent, sustainable and importantly, affordable, travel-ball program under the united brand of the Canberra Pride.