Life Member Profile – Darrin Hebditch

Name: Darrin Hebditch

Date of Birth: 20th December, 1965

Number of years involved in Softball: 40

Position/s Played: Catcher, 3rd Base

Where in Canberra did you play Softball? T.S.A.R.A, Weston Creek Warriors, Canberra Raiders, Strikzone

Representative Honours: Swedish National Head Coach
Australian National Assistant Coach (16 years)
Danish National Head Coach
Chinese Taipei Olympic Squad Coach
Czech Republic National Coach
Played several years for ACT 89er’s
Coach ACT State teams from 1991

Greatest achievement as a player: Player / Coach for the Canberra Cougars that won the National League

Greatest achievement as an official: Attended Seven World Championships
Won three Gold and one bronze medals at World Championships
And also was the team scout for the 2009 Gold medal winning team.
Won 8 Australian National titles
Won 2 Swedish National titles

Most memorable moment: Winning my first Gold medal as a coach in Sydney alongside fellow Canberra coaches Laing Harrow and Lindsey Carroll, and players Andrew Kirkpatrick and Michael Tanner.

Awards attained: 2001 – ACT Sports Awards – Coach of the Month
2004 – ACT Sports Awards – Coach of the Month
2012 – ACT Sports Awards – Coach of the Month

Best advice given to you: Don’t listen to the naysayers, believe in yourself and create your own future.

Greatest change you’ve observed over the years: The development of local players and the increased numbers playing for Australia.

Are you currently participating in softball or other sporting competitions? Morning competition with Hurricanes. Helped as a mentor for ACT u16 boys this year in Melbourne.