Life Member Profile – Jo Brown

Name: Jo Brown

Date of Birth: 7th April, 1972

Number of years involved in Softball: 21

Position/s Played: Catcher, 1st Base, Utility 

Where in Canberra did you play Softball? Originally, North Canberra Juniors

Representative Honours: ACT State Representative 1985 – 2000

Greatest achievement as a player: Olympian in 1996 and 2000 – earning two bronze medals

Greatest achievement as an official: Managing the 1996 ACT Open Men’s team to national championship in Perth

Most memorable moment: Hitting the game winning home run at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics to beat the USA (10 innings game)

Awards attained: Most notable – 
1991 Best Batter U/19 Nationals
1992 NCAA All American
1998 Canada Cup best batter
2004 Softball Australia Hall of Fame
2004 ISF Hall of Fame
2005 ACT Sport Hall of Fame

Best advice given to you: You can always get to be where you want to be with hard work and determination…and as long as you’re not uncoordinated! 🙂

Greatest change you’ve observed over the years: The technology and materials used in production of bats is astounding!

Are you currently participating in softball or other sporting competitions? Local Hockey and Crossfit