President’s Award

President’s Award

Each year, the President has the pleasant task of selecting someone from within the softball community for the President’s Award.  This award is given to someone who, as a volunteer, has made a significant contribution to softball during the previous 12 months.  While it may be a pleasant task, it is often a difficult one given there are so many worthy volunteers within our softball community.

The foundation of Softball ACT’s success lies in our volunteers.  Thankfully, Softball in the ACT has a strong tradition of volunteering.  To everyone who has volunteered in some capacity during the year, I say a very big thank you because we need every one of you to make softball a success.  Without volunteers, softball would not be here now, and will not continue into the future. 

I am pleased to announce that this year’s award goes to someone who is not directly involved in the sport-  that is, they don’t play, umpire, coach, or have an administrative role.  

This person can be seen at the grounds on game days and during our events ensuring that what has to be done is done to ensure games can proceed and our events are a success.  Moreover, the work that they have done in times when people CANNOT see them (during the week, working long hours to create and maintain our assets) is huge.

Over the last 12 months, amongst other things, they have prepared/erected pitching nets, put together frames to assist with the marking of diamonds, marked grounds and picked up and put away used bases, equipment and other materials after competition games and events, and provided a considered and measured approach to everything they do.

He has been an invaluable support to our Facilities Coordinator and has made a significant contribution to the sport in a voluntary capacity by consistently working for the ultimate good of softball above any personal goals or agenda.  This year’s award goes to Ray Kimlin – with our thanks. 

– Frank Curcio, President