Return to Softball – June 2020

Return to Softball – June 2020

Softball ACT is pleased to announce our updated Return to Softball policy and framework, released today for the information of members and the community. 

As a peak body for sport in the ACT, Softball ACT takes its’ position as a community leader seriously, and these guidelines are provided in the interests of keeping our community safe from COVID-19, as well as hoping alleviating some mental health issues from isolation. 

Hawker International Softball Centre is now open for bookings. All bookings need to be made through Emily Clark ( as the complex will remain sealed outside booking times. 

It’s almost time for us to play ball again – but in a sensible, considered and safe manner! 

Below is Softball ACT’s Return to Softball program, as well as an attendance record which can be used by all Softball ACT members and clubs during your sessions, and MUST be completed when training at Hawker. 

Return to Softball (updated June 2020)

Training Attendance Sheet