State League

Softball ACT is very excited to promote a State League again on our calendar this year!

What is State League?

State League is a concept designed to bring the very best of the ACT together to play for the purpose of high performance development!

Held on a Tuesday night (TBC), our State team players will be drafted into various teams to compete in a high performance environment to practice game scenarios and tactics against live opposition to prepare for Nationals – it’s a development opportunity for not only our players, but also our coaches and umpires!

This will give our players the opportunity to play with and against players that may not normally happen – and importantly break down the barriers between our age-grouped squads so that players get to know their peers!

Whilst primarily designed for our players, this concept also provides our coaches with valuable game-sense and tactical opportunity, and will provide our assistant and development coaches with the opportunity to work closely with other coaches pre-tournament. We are also launching a high performance umpiring cohort within this program to develop our elite female umpires!

At this stage, the State League is a concept for our female players only – we hope to launch a Men’s State League next year pending success in our Women’s program. 

Who Can Play?

Players in ACT State Teams (U18s, U23s and Opens) are expected to make themselves available* for a 6 week competition, and will automatically be included in the Draft!

Women’s Premier Grade players may also choose to enter the draft with the potential to be picked up by a team after our State Players categories have been selected! 

U16s players are encouraged to speak with their coach about their suitability for the competition – if you’re keen and your nomination is supported by the Coach, we’d love to see you develop through this competition!

If you are NOT in a State team but still want to play – please click here to nominate 

*Softball ACT is understanding and supportive of working and schooling arrangements, however we hope that the community will engage with this program!

What are the requirements?

Players will be levied $50 for the competition, which will be either added to invoices (for State players) or separately invoiced (for non-State players nominating independently).

There will not be any requirement for any additional training through this program – the opportunity is about game development and tactical prowess rather than skills – although our coaches will be encouraged to provide feedback around technical areas that players may be able to tighten up their skills.

Sounds Great – what do I have to do? 

If you’ve made a State team – you do nothing except prepare to turn up on the first night and play!

If you’re not involved with a State team at the moment, please use the link above to register! 

Competition Information:

  • Dates –
    • TBA
  • Game Times –
    • TBA
  • Location –
    • Hawker International Softball Centre, Hawker, ACT

Other ‘Stuff’:

  • The intention is for our players to play across ages – we will mix up u18s, u23s and Opens players across all teams!
  • We will draft our teams so that we have the best opportunity for even matches and a highly skillful competition!
  • Uniforms will be provided – players just wear Club playing pants and their Club cap/helmet!

This page will be updated as more information is made available.