Successful Grant Period

Successful Grant Period

Softball ACT is very excited to announce that we have been successful in the latest ACT Government Sport and Recreation Funding round, with our application to provide a permanent shade sail solution at the grounds gaining approval and funding. 

Regular attendees at the Hawker International Softball Centre would note that the shade structures currently in place at the Centre are patchwork – effective for their cost, but requiring replacement every few years, which comes at an ongoing liability for the Association. In recent years, the funding has not been there for these to be replaced, leading to a very warm experience 

The grant for new Shade Sails is $100,000 (the largest funding allocation provided this period), which will mean permanent structures similar to the quality and scope erected over newly constructed local playgrounds. 

 This project has been the product of over 18 months work from the Softball ACT office, with CEO Ben Kirk having this to say. 

“We have engaged with a huge number of organisations to get to this point. Various government departments within the ACT have all been supportive, Softball Australia has been fantastic with their support, and six different commercial entities have provided advice, insight and quotes to help us give this the attention it deserves – and it’s extremely satisfying to get across the line.”

Kirk was buoyant about the sport’s prospects moving forward. 

“This has the potential to invigorate the sport locally, for our members to continue to take pride in the amazing facility that they have here. As a small sport, we’ve always prided ourselves on punching well above our weight and leaning heavily on our fantastic community – I’m just really proud to be able to deliver this outcome for our members and participants.”

Softball ACT was also successful in gaining a small grant to enhance their COVID-19 safety and response; excellent news with the new season approaching, and maintain their triennial funding level in line with the 2020 Grant period. 

For a full list of grant recipients, please click here

Softball ACT is currently seeking local business partners interested in  signage at the grounds and other partnership opportunities – please contact Ben Kirk via email ( or through the office 6278 3000 if you’re interested in exploring some options.