Womens’ SKINS Tournament

Softball ACT is very excited to announce that Women’s Skins will continue this year!

The SKINS format has been optimised for the Women’s game and will be held the weekend of 15-17 January 2021!

What is SKINS?

SKINS is a format of club-based tournament that has been successfully run in the ACT for 30 years now for our Men’s players through the Fast Pitch Softball League. It places emphasis on scoring runs, winning innings and all the most exciting parts of Softball!

It pits two teams against each other, not just for the glory of winning, but for the glory of taking home hard-earned dollar-ee-doos!

The SKINS format will operate across ALL grades in the Women’s SKINS, with prize money awarded for:
– Teams winning any INNINGS*!
– Teams winning any GAMES*!

*Draws and ties are split evenly between teams

Tournament Information:

Date –
15-17 January 2021*

Location –
Hawker International Softball Centre, Hawker, ACT

Cost –
$850 per team (teams must also supply 1.5 umpires** for every team they enter***)

Entries Close –

*Teams are expected to be available Friday for afternoon games starting at 2pm

**Please note that if a Club enters 1 team, they must supply 2 umpires. If the Club enters 2 teams, then they must supply 3 umpires.

***If finding umpires is proving tough, please contact SUAACT (suaactumpires@gmail.com) to see if local umpires can be arranged. Team nominations will not be accepted without umpires. Should your umpires fail to attend the event after registration, teams will be charged an additional $500.

Further Information:



PERMIT GUIDE (How to Permit Players)

Grading games (with prize money!) will be played to develop the draw to ensure teams are not ‘playing dead’ to crush the opposition!
Grades will be A, B and C (pending entries) – the tournament is for Club teams, or similar (ie Masters!)
All games will be timed (90 mins, no new innings after 80mins) with scores reverting to the last completed innings!
Finals will be determined in each Grade by the amount of prize money won rather than simple wins and losses!

Softball ACTs Women’s League will have a general bye round this weekend so our local teams can enter!

Our accommodation partners Belconnen Way Hotel have terrific accommodation options for both teams and parent groups, and can be contacted for a special ‘Softball ACT rate’ by emailing Fiona – fiona@belconnenhotel.com.

Check out their renovated rooms and services!

Make sure you mention Softball ACT and that you are coming for the Women’s Skins when booking to attract the special rates!